Today's "Friedrich-Schiller-Gymnasium" is a considerable urban school building. The building has been started to be built at the end of the 1920s, designed with new building techniques. It is situated in "Gründerzeit-residential area", near Schwansee Park and Schwansee Swimming Bath, which is in the western part of Weimar. The place is marked by a calm location and good accessibility. The building at Thomas-Mann-Street 2 stands out from its surrounding.

The construction of the building took place in two phases from 1927 to 1936, lead by August Lehrmann, an architect and head of the building control office. It's a clinker wall building, which represents the spirit of that age in its functional inner design and outward appearance.

The functionalism is to be emphasized as a special way of designing. The highlight of the architecture is the clock tower, which breaks the building's symmetry.

The clock is the school's landmark. It was rebuilt in 1999. The building was related with Schiller's name in December 1930 and fulfilled its missions for decades. After its initial usage as a girl's school, the building became a high school soon, and had been used as secondary school since 08th January 1931 and as senior secondary school since 1936. From the beginning of World War 2 it was also used as a hospital, and in October 1945 teaching was resumed.

The building also has a multipurpose room, earlier a gym, later expanded to a theatre stage. Currently it can be used as room for auditing and course tests, as well as an observatory.

Both the school hall and the music room are valuable for architectural history. They can be regarded as highlights of interior design, and have been used by the Gymnasium since 1936/37.

After re-opening in Autumn 1945 as the only high school that provided university entrance in Weimar, three teaching branches were performed, the lingual, the old-lingual and the mathematic- scientific branch.

Since 1952 only the mathematic-scientific branch has been continued at Friedrich-Schiller-School (FSS). In 1960 the name Erweiterte Oberschule (Advanced High School) was given. In 1966 the so called "preparatory classes", grade nine and ten, were imported. Since 1969 Spanish lessons had been taught. The inclusion of preparatory classes ended in 1980, except modern-lingual classes for Spanish and Russian. In 1990/91 the inclusion of the preparatory classes was resumed again.

Since 1991/92 English has been the first foreign language starting in grade 5, French, Latin and Russian the second foreign languages.

On 16th December 1991 the school officially got the name "Staatliches Gymnasium Friedrich Schiller" (Public High School Friedrich Schiller).

1992/93 the Thuringian high school from grade 10 and the course system were introduced.

In 1992/93 the course system was introduced for grades 11 and 12, leading to the Abitur (Final school certificate that allows to study). The listed school building is currently carrying 640 students working on its limits.



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