Our school ethos

YOU – YES, YOU! Does something disturb you while being together at school?

Have the courage to change it yourself, because if everybody contributes a little bit to it, we can create together a more pleasant school environment and make the institute a place to feel good for everybody. So everybody should develop a consciousness as to what school actually means to him or her.

Is school really the only place to learn?

We made this school ethos to offer rules for our living together.

An important point for our living together should be respect. For us, respect appears in the form of thoughtfulness. This refers to our everyday school life with priority to the differences of every person. If many people meet, conflicts are inevitable. Therefore, everyone has to find a way to master this.

It helps to accept the other person and to question one's preconceived opinions, and everybody is to be treated equally in spite of there one differences. Openness creates mutual understanding of the situation of others'. If we spend our time respectfully, both sides can learn from each other and profit. This is our aim.

To be aware of the responsibility for each other and of social duties is essential.

One should be encouraged to speak up for others in conflict situations. On this occasion, the chances and possibilities of non-violent communication should be extended. Violence should be avoided in every situation – physically as well as emotionally – not to harm others.

No matter which gender, religion, skin colour, heritage, social background – we have to consider very carefully every person’s feelings, dreams and hopes.



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