Principles of the Friedrich Schiller High School of Weimar

Our high school focuses natural sciences, stressing the importance of HV. Apart from the school's importance of success, we understand the spiritual, musical and physical education of young people as a part of an overall development, which aims at a successful university study for our graduates.

Students, teachers and parents cooperate as a community ceating the basis for successful learning in a working atmosphere.

We work together with the parents on providing our students the best education. Therefore, we make sure that our lessons and our other duties are transparent. Our efforts are to make our school interesting for the parents & involve them in various activities.

Our school offers modern education, which is positioned to gain achievements. Our students learn to use various forms of media and use them for presentations. The teachers use the latest media and faster further learning.

We support the development the students of the personality, creativity & selfresponsibility. Motivation, curiosity and engagement are qualities we want to develop with our students, just as the technical, social and methodical competencies. Furtheremore we support the individuality of everybody involved in it.

We support a environment where everybody respects and trusts each other at our school. We ensure that an atmosphere contains tolerance, fairness and everybody helps and takes care of each other. Our "school ethos" stresses the importance of cooperation.

Learning, well-being, social engagement and environmental protection go hand in hand for us. We support sports on a competitive level, but also as a free-time-activity. Environmental protection and sociopolitical action is worth a lot very important to us. Since the school year 2005/06 we have been a non-smoking school. We also support health education projects.

Our school management creates the necessary conditions for the protection and the development of school quality. The school board provides headership advisory as well as organizational and regulated responsibility and, besides, which needs the support of everybody to continually develop the school curriculum further.


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